Chipotle Spiced Brownies + February Life Updates

Do you remember these spicy chocolate cinnamon chip cookies? I do. I need a spicy chocolate goodie in my life.

Chipotle Spiced Brownies - Mrs. Penguin

These chipotle spiced brownies are perfect. A little heat with a little chocolate sweetness. I actually have a lot going on, and it’s been kind of a crazy time these past couple of months. I feel like my schedule got off-kilter and a lot of changes have been happening.

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Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta Pizza

I told you I was having a love affair with pizza.

Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta Pizza - Mrs. Penguin

I’m trying to go a full month without Papa Johns. It’s my biggest weakness. I love pizza. Plain and simple. So I’ve been trying to make my own pizza, because homemade pizza has to be healthier than Papa Johns. Please say yes, because I don’t wanna give it up.

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Happy Galentines Day!

So, earlier this week a friend and I threw a galentines party!

Galentine's Day Banner - Mrs. Penguin

A super cute galentine’s party. For gal pals. Complete with cute banners that we made. We bought the paper (a brown recyclable cardstock)  from Wal-Mart and printed the paper through our printer. We cut out I think 3-inch circles around the letters. We bought three different papers from Michael’s, a glittery paper and two red papers and cut those out in about 4-inch circles, glued them together, and strung them together with raffia!

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Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie for #FoodieExtravaganza

Welcome back to our monthly Foodie Extravaganza!


If this is your first time joining us, the Foodie Extravaganza is a monthly party hosted by bloggers who love food! Each month we incorporate one main ingredient into recipes to share with you and this month that ingredient is a Valentine’s Day classic…cherries!

Which means there are 17 delicious & unique cherry recipes waiting for you at the end of this post. Yay!

I’ve always fancied myself a cherry loving person. Unfortunately, they aren’t really in season here just yet. Usually they hit stores around the summertime. So I bought some frozen cherries for this month’s ingredient. I love a good frozen fruit smoothie. This is perfect for workout recovery or a quick breakfast!

Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie - Mrs. Penguin

I like to use Perfect Fit Protein in my protein smoothies, but you could use any vanilla protein powder you like. It’s always a process finding one that you really love. I tried (suffered through) a lot of different protein powders before finding one that was actually good. I love it in smoothies and pancakes, sometimes a flour replacement.

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January Life Update

Oh, hey. No recipe this week.

Susan Strong - Mrs. Penguin I actually have compiled this list of things I’ve actually been doing for the past month. I feel like I’ve been grieving for over a month and I just can’t share a recipe and pretend to be happy today. It sucks, but I have a lot going on and don’t really feel like being fake over some marshmallows or muffins or whatever. So here’s whats up.

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