Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake

I would post a photo of this cake in it’s entirety, but it looks too much like all of the other cakes I make.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake - Mrs. Penguin

Plus, the inside is the most exciting part, right? It’s filled with layers of peanut butter cake, chocolate ganache and peanut butter whipped cream. Just because it looks like other cakes I’ve made, doesn’t mean it’s any less delicious. In fact, it may be my new favorite cake. Peanut butter and chocolate, but mostly peanut butter, how could this go wrong? It’s also a lot of work. So make this for your peanut butter and chocolate loving friend for their birthday!

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Brown Sugar Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting

These are simply delicious.

Brown Sugar Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting - Mrs. Penguin

Sometimes I really want something simple. I really like extravagant desserts, but at the same time I want just something less fancy. So I made these less-fancy-but-still-delicious cupcakes. I had high hopes of making homemade nutella. It wasn’t meant to be, as it turned out chunky and the more I blended it, the more oil it produced. It tasted good, but it wasn’t what I wanted, you know? Sometimes things don’t turn out right or as expected, I’ll save it for another day. These cupcakes always turn out perfectly moist and delicious.

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Cheddar Dill Cornbread

In my cast iron heart pan <3

Cheddar Dill Cornbread - Mrs. Penguin

I found this pan at an antique mall a few months ago and have been dying to use it. I had to make my favorite spin on traditional cornbread. Dill and cheddar cheese are a really awesome addition to traditional cornbread. I like to mix cheddar cheese in the batter, and sprinkle it on top before baking. The crispy cheese on the top of a sweet baked corn muffin = bliss.

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Strawberry Shortcake Waffles for #FoodieExtravaganza

September is National Waffle month and along with a bunch of other bloggers we are having a Foodie Extravaganza all about Waffles! You can see all of the delicious recipes at the end of this post. #FoodieExtravaganza

Welcome to the Foodie Extravaganza!

Foodie Extravaganza

I decided to join a monthly blog challenge, Foodie Extravaganza. I’m really excited because the monthly challenges are based on food holidays. Which, the first week of September is waffle week. Um, what better way to celebrate September than with a week of waffles? Seriously. Can we also reflect on how fast August went by? Where did the time even go? I have so many questions.

Strawberry Shortcake Waffles for #FoodieExtravaganza - Mrs. Penguin

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Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

These are some of the best cookies I’ve ever made.

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies - Mrs. Penguin

I’m not just saying that because of the obscene amount of peanut butter being used. I feel like I can never have too much, you know? I used milk and dark chocolate cups to make these super awesome treats. It really takes it to the next level. I like the contrast between the two chocolates. The first couple times I made these peanut butter cup cookies, I used just milk chocolate cups, which was still amazing and you should definitely try making these if you can’t find the dark chocolate cups. I think dark chocolate cups are making a comeback? I just recently started seeing them in stores and was so excited.

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