I’m taking these tasty little treats to my grandma this weekend. Her birthday was this week and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate her birthday than with all of her favorite things. She always gets an angel food cake on her birthday and she also adores lemon. I’ll also bring her lots of goodies from Trader Joes.

My grandparents love Trader Joes, despite never being in one. I brought my grandpa a big bag of honey roasted peanuts and that was where it all started. The coconut crusted cashews were also a big hit. I had to buy extras just for me, let me tell you, they’re great in coconut greek yogurt.

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I thought these were going to be out of season. But it’s been snowing in the Midwest so these probably aren’t too far off now. Why is the weather so confusing? Last week there were really nice days, like 70 degrees outside, no jacket, sunshine days. I guess we’re pack to double-coat, boot-wearing, caramel days.

I’ve been saving these for a while. Wade had requested them a while ago, and I write down every idea I get or ones I hear that I like. And I’m just now getting to them. They are disappearing quickly. I think that’s easy with bite-sized things. You can eat one and they’re so small you feel like you can eat a thousand of them. Plus they’re smothered in caramel.

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